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The goal of this new start up car company is to develop a hyper mileage car by incorporating almost all of the energy conserving principles that are known into its creation.
  Sporty   Fun to drive
  Practical   Eco-friendly
  Exotic   A great compliment to ones     individuality.
  Quick and Nimble   Energy and fuel conserving

This all comes together to help address the sustainability issues in the future of our personal transportation.

Assist me on the production...

Or help me raise the money for my campaign on Indiegogo.

  Read about The 150 MPG Zoleco Challenge
  The Zoleco was on the Discovery Channel in Daily Planet segment - watch here!
  The Concept Getting Started Development Today  
  Read More:  The Car   |   The Man     Development Summary   |   Technical Benefits & Details   |   Engine Technology Research

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